Falconry Reading List

​​Suggested Reading List for Falconry License

The following Suggested Reading List was provided by a member of our Master Falconry community to assist those that are interested in the sport of Falconry.

  • "North American Falconry & Hunting Hawks" by Frank L. Beebe and Harold M. Webster: This book has a lot of information and probably everything a person needs for passing a written test. Some information may be above and beyond what a new apprentice needs to know but it is a great reference book. It is the size of a textbook with loads of information. If you are only going to buy one book, this one is a good choice.
  • "The Red-tailed Hawk" by Liam McGranaghan: This is a good book about trapping, training, equipment and information for being successful with a Red-tailed hawk. Since most apprentices will be starting with a Red-tailed hawk this is a good book focused on its care and management.
  • "Buteos and Bushytails" by Gary Brewer: This is another great book about Red-tailed hawk and has information about hunting squirrels with a Red-tailed hawk. It is recommended for apprentices starting out with a Red-tailed hawk because squirrels are abundant in Maryland.
  • "American Kestrels in Modern Falconry" by Matthew Mullenix: This book is great for someone interested in flying a kestrel for Falconry. Equipment, trapping, training, and management of a kestrel are different than that required for a Red-tailed hawk and this book provides great information to insure success with a kestrel.
  • "The Falconer's Apprentice" by William Oakes: This is a small and inexpensive book for someone that has a new interest in Falconry and needs a quick and practical understanding of the basics. It will get you up to speed with expectations, some basic terminology and equipment, and many of the things a person needs to know about what it takes to become a Falconer.
  • “Understanding Birds of Prey” by Nick Fox. This book is principally a falconer’s manual and contains great information on raptor structure and breeding.