Comments from Proposed 2023-2024 Hunting Seasons

Comments 2/28/2023

It allows us, so let's do it, 2 mallards, we can shoot 4 no problem, just gotta lead them right.

If it's good for the goose (north of MD), it's good for the gander (MD), if they get 3, we get 3, makes perfect sense.

Yeah, the teal are gone, mov​e it up, unless this is your way of not allowing us to harvest, cool. Not

As a guide we've been taking a huge hit on just 1 bird, let's go to 3 and make it worth the time.

Eat more chik'n, yup, that's what we've been doing with only being able to kill 1 bird.

setting 240 decoys for 1 bird, no thank you, 3 is my vote.

My Benelli would like to fire at least 3 shells, so let's have 3 birds. From the comments here most can't shoot, so plenty for the rest of us.

Yes, 4 mallards, drakes and suszies, they both taste great.

Eiders, really?????? how about more Bluebills (the entire season).

Let's give the birds a rest on Sunday.

I shot my limit (1 ha!) of geese every day for the second split, plenty of birds. I am for 3 birds a day.

Eider, who killed an Eider?

Why are we even entertaining the idea of keeping 1 bird, the science supports additional birds. I am ok with 3, but would take 2.

They are the same birds in the AP, and if our northern hunters get 3, then we should too, why are we being so restrictive, conservation is conservation.

There is no way the Shore can sustain another 1 bird season, we are being decimated, give us 3 birds.

Move teal up.

1 bluebill, 1 goose, can we get serious now?

Maryland used to be a waterfowl destination, now guys just drive thru on their way to PA and other states in the AP that can harvest more birds, we are losing so much money and we have the numbers to support 3 birds.


I am in favor of the increased bag limits.

Please extend the season.

3 birds and I can get back in the field.

If we raise the limit on birds, maybe the picking houses will come back.

Just let us shoot 3 even if it's only 30 days.

Do what you want with snows, but no one is paying a guide for 2 birds, 3 is what I support.

My lease had a ton of birds, but it was late, the season needs to push into February and yes, 3 birds.

Yes I hunt an impoundment and we have a ton of ducks, I am in agreement with 4 ducks.

If we go to a 3 bird limit, I see no reason to have a 45 day, 30 is enough and a fair compromise.

I can kill more geese with my truck driving through town, 3 seems reasonable.

When I hear guys banging away in February in the Western Zone I am like WTF, this just makes no sense. Please institute a 3 bird limit for the entire state.

3 birds is clearly ok for the AP.

Why does MD have to sacrifice for other states? A 3 bird limit will not hurt the AP.

It wasn't cold and hasn't been in MD for several seasons, I am opposed to the Thanksgiving dates, they should be added to the end of the season along with increasing the limit to 3.

The weather has been a huge factor in the migration, no Turkey days, simply extend the season. As for 2 or 3, anything is better than 1.

It is clear the AP can handle 3 birds.

From a pure data standpoint, 3 birds can be done effectivity without harming the population even with a 45 day season.

Extending the season is needed.

Yes to 45 days, yes to 3 birds and yes to pushing the season into February.

Finally we get 3 birds!

I am happy to see us go to a 3 bird limit.

Yes, a 3 bird season is here.

Thank you DNR for giving us a 3 bird limit.

Thumbs up on the 3 bird season.

1 to 3, please proceed.

1 + 2 = 3!

We've been stuck at 1 bird for years, we put in our conservation, we (Maryland) should reap the benefit with 3 birds as well.

I have to say that with 3 birds it will be much more worth our time to get up long before the sun rises.


I am good with 4 mallards and so is my lab.

I see an even mix of hens and drakes so 4 is fine.

Let's see how a 3 limit season goes and once the data comes back (in support) we can continue to enjoy the outdoors.

As a MD resident I am supportive of the 3 bird limit for the AP.

Stop with this 2 bird shenanigans, make it 3.

2 birds and 45 days really, that's all we are getting? 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

2 birds is fine with me.

I plan to shoot 3.

It will be so nice to shoot all 3 birds that decoy, instead of just picking out 1 bird.

I support 3 birds for the entire 45 days season.

3 birds will definitely help the Eastern Shore.

I hunted with multiple outfitters this year and it will be a welcome change to have a 3 bird limit. I know they will be much happier.

Great, now outfitters will raise their prices since we can now shoot 3.

Be careful what you ask for, guide services will now increase their prices for half-day goose hunts by $100 at least especially for 3 birds, not that it will be more work, tons of birds around.

I've had the same box of shells for 2yrs with just one bird, looks like I might have to buy a second box.

Yes, I killed 5 birds... in the Western Region. So silly.

It will be a better season with more birds, ducks and geese, it's been way to long.

Please differentiate between the Chesapeake Region,the Mid-Atlantic Region, and the New England Region states that are all categorized as states that contain migratory populations, and northern breeding populations, of the Atlantic Population of Canada Geese. the difference is MD gets to kill less.

If they get 3, we get 3 PERIOD. Makes no sense why we should have less.

I disagree with four mallards 3 would be ok but to soon for 4. Also that's great 2 geese again but for those of you saying 4 is just nuts the population would surely crash. And please put a limit on bufflehead s.

My shotgun holds 3 shells, that's 3 birds.

The proposed 45d 2bird season seems too liberal. There are data from only 1 year, a new IPM model is being used, and only average productivity is expected for 2023. Why take the risk with such a liberal season this quickly, and risk giving back the gains made with the past several restricted seasons? Suggest implementing a moderate season, 45d 1 bird, or even 30d 2 bird, to provide more hunting opportunity with less risk. This would also allow another season of data to ensure last year was not an outlier.

It is truly unbelievable after a 1 year restrictive season ( 1 bird, 30 days) for all of the AP geese states that the other AP states get a Liberalized season of 3 birds 45 days. Was the point of implementing that all AP states be placed under a restrictive season the result of excessive harvest in the Northern states prior to last year? Is this an equitable responsibility for fostering goose populations to reach sustainable levels throughout the whole flyway? Why were there inequities in the past several years when MD remained restrictive?

Comments 2/22/2023

​​It is great seeing more days added to our AP goose season but it was only a few years ago that we were discussing a total closure. I believe it would be in our best interest to start say the first 15 days at 1 goose and finish the last 30 at 2 geese. If Iam looking at the numbers of breeding pairs properly we are just above the minimum threshold to allow this type of season so why take the chance so quick to fall right back into a restrictive season again?  This is just one hunter in maryland with his opinion.

I would recommend instead of the 4 days in November add them to February (1,2,3 and 5th).

How about 4 geese, 2 is dumb.

2 bird daily limit for Maryland is great. The entire Atlantic flyway(at least NY and PA) should also be 2 bird daily limit not 3. Many birds stay north of MD for good part of season.

Ap.  1 goose instead of 2.   No resident goose season past Feb 15.  No early resident season after Sept 15.   3 per day all seasons.

2 birds, really, that's it?

Why is the season length and bag limit for AP Canada Geese not reciprocal for the entire Atlantic Flyway ???It was 1 bird/ 30 days Flyway wide, so why isn't it 2 birds/ 45 daysFlyway wide ???  I personally don't think a 3 bird limitshould EVER be allowed or considered again in any state for AP birds !! 2 birds a day is enough ! The hunters should be happy with 2 bird limitand it sends more birds back North to the breeding grounds everySpring ..  Example: 5 guy's hunting just outside Philadelphia, Pa. shoota 15 bird AP limit, but 5 guys hunting in Rising Sun, MD shoot a 10 bird AP limit ??What sense does that make when those same birds being shot around Philly could probably be on the Eastern Shore in under an hour when the North wind pushes them down????? I'm no genius, but that's 5 geese that aren't heading back North to breed !!!!!  If it's not too late I think the Feds, state DNRs and AF council should reconsider this 3 bird limit being proposed North of the Mason/Dixon !!!

It's great to see the return of Thanksgiving goose hunts and the increase in bag limits. I also see no break in the long goose season either, which is a welcome change.

I support the proposed regulations.  Thank you for providing this simple portal for public comment and your continued proactive outreach to the public on important wildlife matters.

Noticing that they are bringing in the season in beginning in November and only going for a few days before Thanksgiving sounds good, but being for the past 3 years the birds have really not gotten here until the 2nd to 3rd week of December, it would be better to bring the season in in the second week of December and carry it through until February. Noticing that many other states carry their waterfowl season into the first and second week of February, Maryland should do the same. With the past three winners being very warm and the lack of Canada geese not arriving until mid-December, it would be a better idea to take advantage of when they're here than when they're not here. As to the Sunday hunting, it may be a good idea financially, but it should be left up to the counties to adopt it. I believe the majority of the people that I have talked to do not agree with Sunday hunting due to the main factors that the birds do need a time to rest. 7 days a week is a little bit much not only for the geese but for the hunters too. With all the talk about climate change and global warming we better be practicing adaptive management with our Canada geese and waterfowl because we will wind up in the same situation as the Carolinas have with no Southern migration. Pennsylvania New Jersey and many other Northern Mid-Atlantic states are now inundated with snow geese and Canada geese that never came down this far because of the warm winter.

Glad to see the AP Goose back to 45 days.  Still think with the current climate change, it would be nice if the season could be pushed back to into february.  May give the migration a better chance of pushing birds down to the southern counties.

2 birds, that's ridiculous, we can shoot 5 across the river.

I do not agree with the proposed dates for hunting Atlantic Flyway Geese. The federal framework clearly allows hunting up until February 5 2024. Given that geese have been taking longer and longer to arrive in Maryland, due to warming winters and climate change, DNR should provide as much hunting opportunity as is possible at the end of the allowable federal framework date range. 

I propose the elimination of the November dates ( Nov 21-24), because the geese have not been here in great numbers during that time. The proposed November dates should be moved to the end of the schedule to allow for another weekend of goose hunting (Feb 1, 2, 3, and 5 of 2024). Also, I am not in favor of increasing the bag limit back to 2/day. We should be conservative and allow only one per day, especially with the 50% increase in hunting time next season.

I think the proposed goose hunting dates for Canada geese is very one sided. I can't seem to understand why the season dates in the eastern zone are half of what is allowed in the western zone. Goose migration this year overall was pretty boring and that tied with this warmer weather I think the eastern zone should be allowed the same amount of time. This also goes for bag limit, 2 geese in the eastern zone compared to the western is pretty poor, why not 3 geese per person, per zone?
I like seeing the season extended to 45 days.However, I think that it should remain a 1 bird limit at this time.  There really aren't enough birds for that kind of pressure. We struggled enough this year with a 1 bird limit.

Goose limit for eastern zone should be 3 if not 4. 2 is not enough

Thank you for managing our waterfowl resources professionally. Two questions:Why are we not extending our AP Canada goose season until February 5, as Federal guidelines permit? And, why permit states North of the Chesapeake region a 3 bird Canada goose limit. Thanks again for all you do.

I think the 2 bird limit is to early for Maryland let the birds go for a few more year with get the population going again because all the northern states are going to get high limits again and destroy the population again 45 day season and one bird per person is fine for a couple more years let the birds really recover

I am in favor of increasing to a 2 goose daily limit.  Lots of birds this year. Thanks

I don't know about the rest of Maryland. But here in Kent County. The birds really don't show up until February. I would love to see that Thanksgiving season pushed back into the first week of February.

The new proposal looks great.

Good evening, my name is XXXXXXXX and I think thousands of others in maryland on the east side of 301 should be considered for late residential good season till the end of February each year. It's in fair. For the price of licensing we pay to the state and revenue it's brings to the state I think this should seriously be considered and given a try. Even if it's a 2 bird only limit for geese just run the season till the end of February for geese please. Also think cutting out the goose season for the month of November amd give us the hole month of February to hunt. Please consider this. Thank you

Make the first split of the AP goose season a 1 bird limit . There is not many geese here in November and we need to protect those birds that still have the migratory instinct to come here instead of staying north of us like the majority of them do until driven here by weather . The AP geese arrive later and leave earlier than they did historically. Expand the limit to 2 birds for the second split if the data supports it . Thanks XX

Thanksgiving and more days would be nice. The geese have not recovered enough for two goose limit. More days and one goose would be better. Increasing days would be enough for the next couple of years. Then see how it works. I am strongly against a two goose limit.

Dear Sirs, I currently farm in 3 counties , Talbot , Caroline , and Queen Anne , I do a lot of goose hunting and ducking throughout the season, i my self along with my friends that hunt with me ,believe firmly that going from 2 mallards to 4 would be a mistake, along with going from 1 goose to 2 would be a mistake , I travel a lot of these counties and believe the population has declined, over the last 2 years, I would give it more time to rebuild the populations of both species , if you need any other input , please contact me at XXXXXXX thanks

Longer seasons and 2 bird per man limit… plenty of birds and not nearly enough opportunity

Eliminate a week in the first split or teal season and extend third split a week

The only thing I object to is Sunday hunting. Make the first split 3 days and move the rest to the beginning of the November split.

5 birds a day across the entire state, 2 birds is a waste of time.

Great to see the Thanksgiving split of the AP goose season return!!!

Regarding the 4 bird limit on mallards. I think this would be a very unwise decision. Not just for our state but for all states in the Atlantic Flyway. Just because you can does not mean you should. Most of us have trouble harvesting the 2 mallards per person let alone 4. I think I speak for just about everyone who has ever hunted public land when I say I would be extremely happy shooting 2 mallards a day consistently over 4 mallards and damaging the population back into nonexistence.  Just because private land owners have a bunch of mallards in their impoundments doesn't mean the population is good. Hunt any other flyway and you'll see what I mean. Please don't do this. We need way more mallards before 4 birds per day makes any reasonable sense.

Regarding the increase in mallard harvest per person.  This decision is extremely ill-informed. It makes no sense when compared to other flyways. We simply do not have the mallard numbers to sustain this decision. The Harvest strategy does not recommend anything. The federal framework allows for a liberal harvest. ALLOWS being the key word. You all said it recommends it. Just because you can does not mean you should. Public land hunting in the Atlantic flyway is abysmal. Just because private land owners have a bunch of mallards in their impoundments does not mean the population is good. Hunt any other flyway on public land. That is what duck numbers should look like.

Superb work DNR - love all of the proposals and happy to see you all are supporting sunday hunting opportunities for my kids too.

I beg you to make the Sept Teal season earlier to around the 10th or earlier. Please do. By the 16th most of the teal have pushed south of Maryland.  I understand the big Duck season being late as possible but the Teal leave EARLY! IN the 90s the season started around the 11th. Is there any possible way to do that again? Please!!A week makes a huge difference. The Eastern shore marshes are usually teeming with Teal early Sept but by the 16th most have moved on.

Please differentiate between the Chesapeake Region,the Mid-Atlantic Region, and the New England Region states that are all categorized as states that contain migratory populations, and northern breeding populations, of the Atlantic Population of Canada Geese.

Concerning the Light Goose regular season and the Conservation Season, could you please NOT have a 1 day, Feb 3, as a regular season date within the Conservation season?  Seems like those folks that fairly chase these geese may be trapped using inappropriate methods for this single day.

Who are the current reps from each state on the Aptlantic Flyway Council and what is their contact information?

I like having more days for goose hunting but think we should keep it at one bird ..For at least another yr.

2 is not enough, how about 5?​