Watershed Associations

Successful conservation and preservation of Maryland's freshwater resources takes teamwork. Here is a list of various watershed associations and related links to organizations that work locally and nationwide.

US EPA Nationwide Directory of Volunteer Monitoring Programs

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Maryland Department of Environment

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Water Programs

Maryland Water Quality Monitoring

Wetland & Waterways Program

Maryland Water Monitoring Council

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MWMC's Internet Map Server ('Clickable Map') (monitoring projects information)

Sample Site Location Map

Maryland State Water Quality Advisory Committee

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River Commissions

Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Susquehanna River Basin Commission - Fact Sheets

Patuxent River Watershed Monitoring Inventory

County and City Management and Monitoring Organizations

Anne Arundel County Water Quality Monitoring Program

Baltimore County Watershed Monitoring

Baltimore City Dept. of Public Works

Harford County - Water Quality Monitoring

Howard County Stormwater Management

Montgomery County Biological Monitoring

Montgomery County Streams & Watersheds

National Water Quality Monitoring Council

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Chesapeake Bay Program

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Chesapeake Bay Program - Monitoring

Chesapeake Bay Program - Restoring Water Quality

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

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Instream Flow Council

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