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Maryland Biological Stream Survey

Registry of Certifications

To be consistent with MBSS protocols, a taxonomist must be SFS certified in genus level EPT (East) and North American Chironomidae. The individuals listed below meet these standards. These certifications are good for 5 years from the date of issue.

Applicants Certified by the Society for Freshwater Science

​​First NameLast NameEmailAffiliation
Certification and Date
mikebcole@comcast.netCole Ecological, Inc.EPT (2020), NA Chironomidae (2020)
IstvanTurcsanyiITurcsanyi@versar.comVersar, Inc.EPT (2020), NA Chironomidae (2021)
JasonYorkjason.york@mbakerintl.comMichael Baker InternationalEPT (2022), NA Chironomidae (2021)
BrianCarlsonbrian@waterlandsolutions.comWater & Land Solutions, Inc.EPT (2018), NA Chironomidae (2023)
LillyEdmondlillye@cri.bizCoastal Resources, Inc.EPT (2021), NA Chironomidae (2022)