Our Maryland Streams

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The Rivers and Streams of Maryland are a vital part of the regional ecosystem, whose influence reaches far beyond the water's edge. Although you may not think about them on a daily basis, Maryland's streams provide ecological services for our community. Keep in mind that we all live within 15 minutes of a stream. However, there are several conservation issues that concern the health of our waters including invasive exotic species, habitat loss, and climate change. Proper management, community involvment, and changing habits can create solutions to these and other challenges. Browse the menu below for links to information about our Maryland streams.

Physical Appearance

Learn how the topography and land use surrounding rivers affects how they behave in this section.

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Water Chemistry

Small differences in chemistry can impact the health of stream communities. Learn more about how DNR assesses this characteristic.

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What is Threatening Our Streams?

What Lives in Our Streams

What Can I Do to Help?
​Read more about management concerns and other challenges in this section. ​From algae to froms and fish, explore the diversity of life in and around Maryland's rivers and streams. ​Small steps make a big difference in protecting the health of our streams. Learn how you can help Maryland's waters.