Sharre Tefila Preschool - Olney, MD

This preschool nature playspace in Montgomery County takes advantage of a large existing hill to offer active play -- hillside slides and giant logs and boulders for climbing. The school's insect theme for indoor classrooms continues outdoors with a spider web climber, an ant hill complete with embedded ball-rolling tubes and a caterpillar trail, made of composite lumber in a variety of colors, for triking and walking. There is a sand area edged with natural stone and logs, and a refurbished shed which is now a "shunnel" for riding and storage.

The concept design is by Nancy Striniste of Earlyspace LLC and the space was built with materials and labor donated by Jeff Schwartz of Greenskeeper Environmental

Hillside slides
Hillside Slides

Climbing boulders and logs  

Climbing Boulders & Logs

 Sand area
Sand Area

Composite lumber walkway 

Composite Lumber Walkway


Varied Terrain

Ball rolling tubes
Ball Rolling Tubes