Oregon Ridge - Nature Play Space

The Nature Play Space at Oregon Ridge provides a wonderful space for children and visitors to the Nature Center to climb, dig and explore. Designed and installed through partnerships with Park Staff, various Eagle Scouts and the Oregon Ridge Nature Center Council, this place provides lots of opportunity for unstructured free play where kids can dig in a sand pit, climb on uniquely carved logs, perform on a stage and even hide in a wigwam! The unique carvings throughout this play space combine art and nature in a way that will wow both children and adults. The play space is located adjacent to a picnic area so visitors can dine and play while visiting the park and nature center.

Bear bench carving
Bear Bench


Carved climbing log
Carved Climbing Log


Digging area
Digging Area


Fox in den carving
Fox in Den


Mushroom table
Mushroom Table

Kids playing
Kids Playing


Toddler's tree cookies
Toddler's Tree Cookies




Oregon Ridge sign
Oregon Ridge Sign

Our Partners

  • Baltimore County Parks and Recreation
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Oregon Ridge Nature Center Council