Nature Play Spaces Elements - Climbing Activities

Climbing aids in balance, creative problem solving and can be incorporated with many other features of a Nature Playspace. Climbing is important in encouraging physical activity and motor skill development.

Stump stairs

Stairs made of tree sections

Structure made out of sticks

Walking path made with sections of trees, also an example of digging

Elevated walkway

Elevated walkway with twists and turns

Trees with webbing

Trees connected by webbing

Cluster of tree sections

Clustering sections of trees

Stairs to an overlook

Staircases to overlooks

Elevated tree sections

Elevated tree sections

Pirate ship at Assateague State Park

Ramps and rigging for climbing

Balance beams

Balance beams

Playground of balancing challenges

Playground of balancing challenges

Stump stairs to slides

Using tree sections for stairs

Suspended net

Giant spider web with rope and netting