Adkins Arboretum - Ridgely, MD

Children’s Funshine Garden

This bright and colorful children’s garden is located at Adkins Arboretum and is an inviting space for children to explore, touch and learn about the wonders of both growing food and other plants. Features in this garden include a beanpole teepee, a mailbox with information, sand digging area, wood lizard balancing or seating structures, strawberry barrels and themed raised beds. The raised beds include a bunny patch for eating, a pollinator garden and a sensory herb garden.

Bean teepee
Bean Teepee


Balancing lizards
Balancing Lizards


Colorful entrance
Colorful Entrance


Strawberry barrels
Strawberry Barrels

Themed raised beds
Themed Raised Beds


Sensory herb garden
Sensory Herb Garden


Mailbox for information
Mailbox for Information

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