Leadership Team Meetings

2024 Meeting Dates:

  • Spring Leadership Team Meeting
    April 24th, 2024
  • Fall Leadership Team Meeting
    Date and time to be determined.​

​Meetings are generally held each year in spring and fall, with an optional meeting usually in summer. The spring and fall meetings are more formal business meetings with Leadership members present; the optional meeting will be an educational topic or event. All meetings are open to all interested to attend.

10/28/2020Meeting Agenda
5/13/2020Leadership Meeting Summary
5/5/2016Meeting Agenda
1/20/2016Meeting Agenda
1/20/2016Meeting Minutes
10/21/2015Meeting Agenda
10/21/2015Executive Order (amended)
7/23/2015Meeting Agenda
4/22/2015Chesapeake Bay Agreement Environmental Literacy Recommendations
4/22/2015Environmental Literacy Recommendations
4/22/20152015 Action Plan
4/22/2015Meeting Agenda
1/22/2015Meeting Agenda
1/22/2015DRAFT Environmental Literacy Management Strategy
1/22/2015Environmental Literacy Recommendations
1/22/2015Action Planning Background for 2015
10/22/2014Meeting Agenda
10/22/2014Sustainable Schools - Background
7/17/2014Meeting Agenda
7/17/2014January-June Progress Report
4/23/2014Meeting Agenda
1/30/20142014 Education Practices
1/30/20145E Learning Sequence
1/30/2014Meeting Agenda
1/30/2014Venn Diagram with STEM
1/30/2014E-Lit NGSS-CCSS STEM
10/17/2013Meeting Agenda
7/18/2013Meeting Agenda
1/16/2013Meeting Agenda
1/16/2013Actions for 2013 - Draft For approval January 2013
1/16/2013January 2013 Progress Report
1/16/2013Community Health Initiative Framework - Draft (Jan. 3, 2013)
10/18/2012Meeting Agenda
7/19/2012Leadership Team Notes
7/19/2012Meeting Agenda
7/19/2012Meeting Minutes
4/19/2012Meeting Agenda
4/19/20122012 Action Plan Highlights
4/19/2012April 2012 Progress Report
4/19/20122012 Action Plan
4/19/2012Meeting Minutes
1/19/20122012 Action Items [Draft]
1/19/2012Meeting Agenda
1/19/20122012 Partnership Agreement
1/19/2012Meeting Minutes