Nature Play Spaces Elements - Connecting, Listening and Observing

Connecting to nature is one of the most important aspects of a nature playspace. They provide an opportunity for children to interact with the outdoor environment and other children. It should be a comfortable space that encourages and fosters mental and physical growth and creative play in the natural environment.

Boy with turtle

Connecting with animals
(photo by Coreen Weilminster)

kid with net in a marsh

Connecting with aquatic life
(photo by Coreen Weilminster)

outdoor workshop

Outdoor workshop

girls looking through Binoculars

Observing nature from a distance
(photo​​ by Coreen Weilminster)

examples of wood bug houses

Observing how bug​s live

bamboo musical instrument

Listening to the sounds nature can make

Kid playing in the mud

Getting your hands dirty in a mud kitchen

Girl looking at a frog

Connecting with nature
(photo by Coreen Weilminster)

​​ ​
child playing music

Mu​sical instruments are a great way to connect​

Game board with chairs made from tree sections

Games are a great way for kids to connect with each other

​​ ​