Nature Play Spaces Elements - Balancing Activities

Balance is an important motor function skill that is a basic building block and component of gross motor skill development. It helps develop strength and hand-eye coordination. Different components of Nature Playspaces can encourage balance and other motor-skill development.

Path made of tree parts

Walking path made with sections of trees

Structure made out of sticks

Walking path made with sections of trees, also an example of digging

Elevated walkway

Elevated walkway with twists and turns

Trees with webbing

Trees connected by webbing

Cluster of tree sections

Clustering sections of trees

Tire park

Tire octopus at Assateage State Park

Elevated tree sections

Elevated tree sections



Balance beams

Balance beams

Playground of balancing challenges

Playground of balancing challenges

Boy jumping between tree sections

Lily pads made from tree sections

Suspended net

Giant spider web with rope and netting