Trapper Education Program

Who Must Have a Certificate of Trapper Education?

Effective August 1, 2007 any person who is trapping or attempting to trap furbearers (muskrat, beaver, raccoon, red and gray fox, opossum, mink, skunk, river otter, fisher, long-tailed weasel, and coyote) under the authority of a Furbearer Permit must first obtain a Certificate of Trapper Education from the Department unless the person held a Furbearer Permit during the 2006-2007 trapping season (prior to August 1, 2007).

How Can I Obtain a Certificate of Trapper Education?

The first thing you must do is obtain...
You must print the workbook and you can work with the textbook on your computer if you do not want to print the whole manual. If you do not want to download the documents, you can request copies from the Maryland Natural Resources Police Safety Education Office at 410-643-8502.

The next step is to complete the workbook. You must complete the workbook before attending the testing session. You will be required to present the workbook to the instructor at the course or proctor at the test.

You have two options to complete the course. If you feel that you know the subject matter, you may contact the Maryland Natural Resources Police Safety Education Office to schedule a test out (410-643- 8502). If you wish to have classroom instruction and demonstrations, you can take a course listed below which is followed by the test.


  • What is the passing grade on the test?
    The passing grade is 70%
  • If I fail the test can I take it again that day?
    If you are testing out without taking the course and fail, you must reschedule to take the test another day. At the discretion of the instructor, the teaching team may work with those students who take the course but have difficulty passing the written test to determine if the student has mastered the material.
  • Will I be told what questions I missed?
    No, you will be advised of your score only.
  • May I keep the workbook?
    Yes, the workbook is yours to keep.
  • How much does the course cost?
    The course may cost up to $10 to cover instructor out of pocket expenses. There is no charge for testing.
  • Can someone read the test to me?
    If you take the course, an instructor will read the test to any students that request it. If you choose testing without the course, there is no reading assistance provided.

Testing Schedule

Contact the Maryland Natural Resources Police Safety Education Office to schedule a test out exam. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm. Call 410-643-8502. After hours, leave a message. A Hunter Education Regional Coordinator will contact you regarding scheduling an exam.

You must bring your completed Trapper Education Course Workbook and a photo ID with you to the test. ​​​