Maryland Hunter Education Independent Study

The Maryland Hunter Educ​ation Program offers Independent Study. The Internet Based Course provides an alternative delivery method of the Hunter Education Course.

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Hunter Education - Internet Based Course

NOTICE: Schedule early

Do not wait until September or later to schedule your Field Day Workshop to complete your certification. All classes may be full or have been completed by that time.

If you wait until last minute, you might not be able to hunt this year.

The Internet-based course requires that the student satisfactorily complete an Internet-based Hunter Education course of study. Once the student has successfully completed the internet course, the student must complete a mandatory one-day Hunter Education Field Day Workshop which includes lectures, hunter safety skills demonstration, range skills demonstration, including live firing and a final exam in order to complete all state requirements.

Basic Guidelines

You must be 10 years of age or older to participate in this program (This minimum age requirement is a temporary reduction due to COVID-19; minimum age requirement prior to COVID-19 was 13 and may revert back to at any given time).

Upon successful completion of the Internet course, you will be issued a voucher to attend the field day workshop. (You must print this voucher). There is an extension of six months from the original grace period (1 year) for completion of a field day workshop from the date of internet course completion. Any field day voucher issued between March 1, 2019 to present will receive an automatic six-month deadline extension (18 months) due to COVID-19. Vouchers may revert back to being valid for 1 year at any given time.​

The Internet course procedures are as follows:

  • The internet website is operated by a private vendor.
  • Students may work through the internet course. There is no time limit.
  • When the student is ready to take the 75 question final exam. A fee of $24​.95 must be paid to the online vendor.
  • All course content and chapter reviews must be completed prior to taking the final online exam.
  • The 75 question exam must be passed with a minimum score of 80% in order to obtain a voucher that qualifies you to attend a mandatory a Maryland Hunter Education Field Day Workshop.
  • After passing the online test, you will then print out a voucher on your home computer.

Hunter Education Field Day Workshop

  1. Students must bring their on line voucher with them to the workshop. Failure to present this voucher will prohibit you from continuing in the program.
  2. You will be required to provide a photo ID and proof of age upon arrival (driver’s license or copy of birth certificate). Failure to provide these two requirements will prohibit you from continuing in the program.
  3. You will participate in a lecture covering hunter ethics, basic firearm safety and handling, and tree stand safety.
  4. You must successfully complete a 50 question Maryland specific exam with a minimum score of 80%.
  5. You will participate in field exercises which will include firearms handling and live firing. You will be evaluated in each of these activities. These activities take place outside, so dress accordingly.
  6. Students will not bring firearms and ammunition to the workshop. Firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection will be furnished.  If you prefer, you may bring your own ear and eye protection.
  7. Upon successful completion of all of the above and approval of the instructors you will be issued a Certificate of Competency in Firearms and Hunter Safety which allows you to purchase a hunting license.
  8. The field day workshop may last 4 to 6 hours, depending on number of students.
  9. Field Day Workshop Exemptions are allowed for members of the US military, MD law enforcement and those that possess a MD Wear and Carry Handgun Permit. For more information, click HERE.

Registration Information

Please carefully read the registration instructions below, as instructions for each location may differ. You will be required to provide your voucher number when you pre-register and must present it to the instructors on arrival at the field day workshop. Registration for all Hunter Education Field Day Workshops closes two weeks prior to the workshop date.

NOTE: The Internet Study Course must be successfully completed prior to pre-registration for a field day workshop.

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