Land Trust Roundtables

Monitoring & Stewardship:​ Challenges and Successes​​

April 30, 2024

This Land Trust Roundtable featured an interactive discussion focused on monitoring and stewardship challenges and successes. Participants asked questions, shared experiences and learned lessons from their peers.​


State of the State of Maryland’s Conservation Programs​

May 30, 2024​

MET and Forever Maryland collaborated on this in-person workshop that discussed the state of Maryland’s conservation programs. The goal of this event was to get more conservationists to understand how each of the State’s conservation programs is working towards a common goal. The workshop also included a report on the outcomes of the 2024 state legislative session and a brief facilitated discussion on challenges that threaten the work of land conservation (including invasive species and solar energy development.​

Workshop Materials:

​ ​

Land Trust Roundtables

Maryland Environmental Trusts hosts semiannual Land Trust Roundtables. These events provide land trust staff, board members and volunteers an opportunity to come together and exchange ideas about the challenges relating to land conservation and stewardship.