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Board of Trustees

The Maryland Environmental Trust is governed by a 19 -member Board of Trustees with 16 Trustees as volunteer citizens representing diverse areas of the State. The remaining three are ex-officio members—the Governor, Speaker of the House, and President of the Senate.​

Current Trustees and Trustees Emereti
Committee Roster FY 24​

Board and Committee Meetings

All matters requiring Board approval are reviewed during the Board Meetings held at 4:00 pm at 100 Community Place, MHT Board Room 3.218, Crownsville, MD unless noted otherwise. These are public meetings. Please contact MET if you plan to attend at (410) 697-9515 or

MET is governed by a Board of Trustees responsible for reviewing and voting on matters such as landowner requests that result in a significant change or impact to conservation attributes of an easement property. Easements sometimes require advance notification and/ or written approval for certain activities. Please see ​MET’s Stewardship page for information and application.​​

If you plan to make changes to your property and are unsure whether notification or approval is required, contact MET’s stewardship staff to help make that determination. Activities that might require approval or notification include:

  • Constructing any new buildings or structures
  • Renovating or enlarging existing structures
  • Conveying property (provide contact information on new owner)
  • Subdividing property
  • Recording any other encumbrances on property (e.g. right-of-ways, ingress/egress, other easements)
  • Entering wetlands mitigation or restoration programs
  • Changing use of property (e.g. from forested lands to agricultural lands)
  • Making a boundary line adjustment
  • Harvesting timber

Please contact stewardship program staff to discuss your plans. Any proposed activities should be submitted using the Application at least 90 days in advance of a BOT meeting. Thank you!

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