Land Acquisition and Planning

Tracking Our Progress: Acreage Reports

Annual Department of Natural Resources Acreage Report

This data is provided by the Real Property team in the Land Acquisition and Planning Unit of Department of Natural Resources. Our report is updated annually and tracks the state lands purchased by the Department of Natural Resources. Figures are based on actual settlement documents as they are recorded in each county. Each county is different and it may take many weeks to several months for DNR’s land purchases to actually be recorded in the official county records. The Annual Department of Natural Resources Acreage Report only reflects department owned land. For an overview of all the other land protections programs in the state, refer to the Maryland Protected Lands Reporting Site below.

The Maryland Protected Lands Reporting Site

This a single point of reference for tracking protected land in Maryland.

Launched in October 2006, this exciting tool uses the best available data from a variety of federal, state and local partners to track and report the number of acres permanently protected from the threat of development in Maryland's landscape. This data is updated more frequently, each program references how their calculations are based. Some programs are updated quarterly.