Guide to Hunting Black Bears in Maryland

Black Bear Hunting Regulations and 2021 Season and Bag Limits

Western Maryland is home to a thriving population of black bears offering hunters a unique chance to hunt Maryland's largest game animal throughout Garrett and Allegany counties. The black bear is challenging to hunt - a master of their environment. They roam vast areas - often traveling several miles a day moving through their environment with an incomparable caution, paying attention to every detail of their surroundings. For a hunter to take a wild black bear is a true achievement. It is possible, though, for you to rise to the challenge and be one of Maryland’s successful bear hunters, even if you are new to bear hunting.


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Important Notes for the 2021 Bear Hunting Season​

Explanation of the Preference Point System

An Overview of the Black Bear Hunting Seasons: 2004-2020

History of Bears/Bear Management in Maryland

Public Land Hunting Opportunities

General Hunting Regulations

Bear Hunting Regulations

Bear Hunting Area

Bear Check-in Procedures

Responsible Hunting

Planning Your Bear Hunt

Bear Hunting Techniques

Care of Your Bear

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