Bear Hunters' Guide to Hunting Black Bears in Maryland

Important Notes for the 2021 Bear Hunting Season​

  • The 2021 bear hunting season will be open for five days (October 25-29, 2021).
  • There is no longer a quota system used during the bear hunt.
  • Hunters will NOT be required to call a hotline every evening to determine the status of the hunt.
  • The black bear hunting zone includes all of Allegany, Frederick, Garrett and Washington counties.
  • Sub-permittees may hunt black bears regardless of whether the permittee is actively hunting.
  • As in previous seasons, only one black bear may be harvested by a permittee/sub-permittee hunting team.
  • Permittees and sub-permittees are not required to maintain visual contact with one another while hunting black bears. Hunters are reminded that a permittee and sub-permittee team of hunters may kill only one black bear. It is the responsibility of the hunting team to maintain some form of communication to ensure that only one bear is taken.