ORV Registration Requirements

An ORV is defined as a motorized vehicle designed for or capable of cross-country travel on land, water, snow, ice, marsh, swampland or other natural terrain. Off-road vehicles include a four-wheel drive or low pressure tire vehicle; an automobile; a truck; a motorcycle and related two-wheel vehicles; an amphibious machine; a ground effect or air cushion vehicle; a snowmobile; and a golf cart.

  • ​Licensed​ vehicles registered with the MVA are exempt from purchasing the off-road vehicle permit when using Department of Natural Resources public lands.
  • Off-road vehicles must be registered annually with the Department of Natural Resources and display a registration sticker.
  • Click here​ for the application to obtain off road vehicle decals. They are also available by appointment only from any Department Regional Service Center. ORV Permits are available at Deep Creek Lake and New Germany State parks, and at Savage River State Forest, Herrington Manor State Park, Potomac Garrett State Forest.