Forest Resource Planning

Wild fire The Forest Resource Planning Program is the strategic planning part of the Maryland Forest Service. This group of professionals is planning for and supporting sustainable forestry in Maryland.

Current projects include:


The Maryland Strategic Forest Resource Plan (MSRFP) represents the foundation upon which the statewide forest planning process is constructed, and incorporates the range of major trends and issues affecting Maryland’s forests and their ecological, economic, and social implications.

The vision of MSFRP is:
Our vision is a Maryland that honors the inter-connectedness of life by striving in all of its actions to safeguard and steward its natural resource now and for future generations.

The Mission of the MSRFP is:
To restore, manage and protect Maryland‘s trees, forests, and forested ecosystems to sustain our natural resources and connect people to land.

Goals of the MSFRP are:

  • Forests are Conserved, Healthy, Protected from Land Use Change and Pathogens, and are Managed According To Sound Stewardship Practices.
  • Forests Provide a Diverse Range of Native Plant and Animal Species and Habitats.
  • Forests are Productive, Providing Raw Material for Consumers and Economic Stability for Local Communities.
  • Forests Provide Multiple Recreational Opportunities.
  • Forestry Educational Outreach is the Key to an Informed Public.