The Online Forester

In this section we have important information to assist you with questions you may have about services being offered in Maryland. The resources available here are provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service. If you have questions you can contact our offices in Annapolis at 410-260-8531.

    * Forest Service Contact Information

    Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service listings by county.

    * About Buying Firewood

    There are a few things you should know about wood and the laws regarding selling firewood that will help you make the best decision when making your firewood purchase.

    * Big Tree Champions

    No complete record of Maryland's tree species exists, but from the best information available, there are probably more than 160 species. Counting the exotic species which are successfully grown here, the list is almost unlimited.

    * This is a PDF FileConsulting and Industrial Foresters Directory

    Professional foresters can help landowners make informed decisions to enhance forest stewardship.

    * This is a PDF FileSmall Acreage Professional Forester Directory

    Consulting and industrial foresters willing to work with small acreage woodland owners.

    * Forestry Acronyms

    As with any Government organization there are a number of acronyms, they are defined here.

    * Forest Conservation Act Service Providers

    Forest Stand Delineations and Forest Conservation Plans must be prepared by a licensed forester, licensed landscape architect, or other qualified professionals. You can obtain a listing of professionals providing these services in your county by accessing our database.

    * Forest Product Operators

    Locate sawmill, logging and firewood companies by county, service or general search.​

    * Licensed Tree Experts

    All tree care professionals practicing in Maryland must obtain a license. Without a license, they may not practice or advertise tree care services in the state. As a public service we make the names and addresses of licensed tree experts available online.

    * Master Logger Program

    A Maryland Master Logger can help you get what you want today without sacrificing the benefits of tomorrow.