CoastSmart Scorecard

A Community Self-Assessment Tool

Interested in helping your community increase preparedness for the next big storm event?

The CoastSmart Scorecard offers a simple method for assessing the risk and vulnerability of a local community to coastal hazards by using a ground-up and community-based approach.

The Scorecard is intended to provide:

  • Facilitated, in-person discussion among local government departments
  • Shared information on vulnerabilities and risks to relevant coastal hazards
  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses of hazard preparedness and planning
  • Next steps for increasing resilience to short and long-term coastal hazards.

The Scorecard is designed to be completed by local officials in a group setting to prompt discussion on risk, planning, response strategies and opportunities through a series of yes or no questions. While the results will not be used to rank or compare communities, it will help direct officials to recommendations, tools and resources, and may be used to inform future project proposals to the CoastSmart Communities grant and other funding programs.

While the Scorecard is provided electronically, to the right on this page, it is meant to be conducted as a face-to-face exercise, minimally-facilitated by the CoastSmart planner. Please contact Kate Skaggs, CoastSmart Communities Planner,, (410) 260-8743 for more information.

Please note: The results of the Scorecard do not serve as a basis for ranking or comparison of communities. ​