Engineering and Construction

Meet Our Staff

Perry Otwell, P.E., Acting Directo and Procurement Officer: Perry oversees the Critical Maintenance program and our engineering staff. Perry has over 20 years of engineering and administrative experience in capital development programs. Phone 410-260-8911.

Deborah Holt, Chief, Administration: Debbie has 38 years with the department, working with Parks for 17 years and the last 21 years with E&C. Debbie manages our many special funds and administrative staff. Phone: 410-260-8924.

Ron Rafter, Chief, In-House Construction: Ron supervises our marine and land based construction crews. Undertaking projects as diverse as building piers and bulkheads to office buildings and bathhouses. Ron has worked with DNR since 1984. Phone: 410-643-8238.

Vince Manship, Chief, Technical Services: Vince has been with the department since 1992. He supervises our Survey Crew and CADD Operator. Our team provides hydrographic and topographic surveys and prepares drawings for waterway, capital development, and critical maintenance projects. Phone: 410-228-8605.

John Moore, Chief of Critical Maintenance: John manages the day to day operation of the Critical Maintenance Program and the Project Management staff. John has over 40 years experience with the department. Phone: 410-260-8928.