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Department of Natural Resources Technical and Financial Assistance Programs

The Department of Natural Resources provides more than 40 technical and financial assistance programs. To help you navigate through them we have divided them into four main groups:

Grants and Loans Programs

The Department of Natural Resources provides a number of direct grant, project grant programs as well as reimbursement programs and low interest and no interest loans.

Some are federal funds matched by state dollars and some state funds often matched by local dollars. This section will review the Department of Natural Resources Grants and Loans programs.

Tax Deduction, Credits and Incentives

Some of the department’s programs have enacted legislation to provide tax incentives to the public who are interested in providing certain stewardship efforts.

Unique Scientific and Technical Research and Data

Many of the departments programs offer the public a unique variety of scientific expertise, research and data products include Geographic Information System (GIS) products that are available no where else.

Most of this data and technical assistance has a significant financial value but is provided at no cost or very low cost to the public.

Specialized Educational Programs

The department's educational programs are widely diverse, covering a variety of natural resource subjects and some target very specific material and audiences.

Included are boating and firearm safety programs, K-12 school focused programs and instructional resources, as well as technical land planning assistance and scientific resources to help landowners, boat owners, hunters, hikers, fishermen and all citizens be better stewards of Maryland’s natural resources.

The Department of Natural Resources “educational” programs are not just informational. Stakeholders utilizing these resources have significant positive impacts on Maryland’s Natural Resources.

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