2018 Legislative Session

During the legislative session, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources follows many bills that may impact the agency and the customers it serves.
For more information on legislation concerning Natural Resources or Hunting and Fishing, please visit the Maryland General Assembly website.

To read individual bills, fiscal notes and to obtain complete information about hearings and voting sessions, visit the Maryland General Assembly website.

Departmental Bills:

  • Boards and Commissions – Repeal Defunct Commissions. This bill repeals two non-operational committees within the Natural Resources article (The Captive Wildlife Advisory Committee and The Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Zone Advisory Committee).

  • Pigeon – Unprotected Species – This bill clarifies that pigeons are unprotected birds in Maryland.

  • Recreational License Discount – This bill repeals the sunset on our discount pricing for fishing licenses and continues to allow for the department to promote discounts to customers.

  • Tidal Fish Licenses – Cancer Crab Registration and License Beneficiary. The bill adds Cancer crabs to the Conch, Turtles and Lobster license and allows a commercial fishing licensee to change their beneficiary on their commercial license at any time during the license year.

Contact Information

Allison L.M. Cordell
Legislative Director
580 Taylor Ave. Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: (410) 260-8112