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Oysters, Crabs and Fishing​​

​Hollywood Oysters:
Chesapeake Gold Oysters:​
​Too Much Rain Hurts Oyster Farms:
How to catch (and eat) Eels:
​Harvesting and Processing Crabs for market:
How to catch fish in a pound net:
​Crabcakes to Go!:

Racing skipjacks, best fishing spots in Maryland, and a photographer specializing in the Chesapeake Bay:
​​​​ ​​

Agriculture and Livestock

The Importance of Agriculture in Schools:
Aquaponics--Raising tilapia and lettuce together:
​​​​ ​​​​​​
Raising Goats for 4H:
Baltimore High School Farm (starts at 15:40):
Elementary School Farm (starts at 11:23):

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Maryland Farm & Harvest Climate Change Special Episode:
Tangier Island and Sea Level Rise/Subsidence:
Saving Ellicott City:

Paddling the Big Water (The last segment is on climate change): (28:56)

Water Quality Issues

Fighting Erosion on a Shoreline Farm:
Draining Wet Fields for Better Crops:
The second segment in this episode, Bottlenose dolphins return to the Bay:

Outdoor Programs for Youth

Last segment is about a forestry camp for kids:

First segment is about an adventuresports college program:


Snowy Owls and Bear Cubs:


Invasive Spotted Lanternflies (starting at 14:01):
Blue Catfish, Invasive to Indulgence:
Fishing for Invasive Snakeheads:

Special Documentaries

Conowingo Dam: Power on the Susquehanna:
Chesapeake Bay by Air:
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal: Gateway to the World:
Secrets of the Chesapeake (very entertaining and may be good for a younger audience)
All Bay Week specials can be found here, these programs spotlight the history, heritage and splendor of the Bay: