The Robinson Nature Center

Children climbing on a log at Robinson Nature CenterThe Nature Place at The Robinson Nature Center, was opened to the public in September 2015 with a goal to create a space that encourages curiosity about the natural world and invites even those with the most timidity about unstructured experiences in nature to feel comfortable. The space incorporates local touches, like the wood carvings created by a local chainsaw carver, hollow logs from a nearby historic site and even handmade objects from the the creativity of the staff. Activity themes are based on the behaviors and habitats of local wildlife and include native plantings of trees, shrubs and perennials throughout the space.

Open to the public, the Robinson Nature Center strives to maintain a space that functions as an unstructured play area, however it does need ongoing maintenance and upkeep. The outdoor space has been very popular with the public, providing just enough guidance and invitation to encourage outdoor exploration. Prior to the installation of Nature Place, the property only had two outdoor patios which were neither interesting, nor appropriate for playful behavior and a wooded trails for active outdoor amenities. This play space has brought the visitor’s enthusiasm for the indoor Discovery Room to the outdoors.

Some of the elements in the space include:

  • a buried tunnel through the hillside
  • a metal pipe xylophone
  • a “rain” wheel
  • large, hollow logs for climbing on and through
  • a concrete pad made to look like a giant tree stump for building with blocks
  • two art tables
  • three Hugglepod (hammock seats)
  • carved wooden sculptures by local chainsaw artist Evelyn Mogren
  • lots of native plants

Wood carving marks the entrance

Animal friends carved into a bench

Mud Nature Art
Mud Nature Art
A Gathering Deck
Mushrooms for drumming
Mushrooms for Drumming
Xylophone for Music and Stretching
Xylophone for Music and Movement

Incorporated Art
Incorporated Art
Colorful Signage
Young girl in slide at Robinson Nature Center