Community Green Space Guide


Structural Designs that Connect People to Nature

The examples below showcase communities throughout the nation that use structural designs to help connect people to nature.

Seating at DC's Yards Park
Take a Riverfront Seat at DC’s Yards Park-  Yards Park in Washington, DC provides park visitors with structurally unique and visually pleasing places to take a rest.
Playground in shady park in Austin TX
Shady Parks in Austin, TX-  Here is a great list of examples of parks in Austin, TX that provide their visitors with access to shade. 
Bathroom for outdoor recreation
Providing Bathrooms for Outdoor Recreation is a Dirty, Necessary Job- This article discusses the importance of providing public access to restrooms in outdoor parks and recreational facilities.
Perry Lakes Park Restroom
Perry Lakes Park Restrooms- Here is an example of how one park in Marion, Alabama added bathroom facilities to their park with a design that doesn’t disrupt the beautiful surrounding nature.
Structural Design Example 5 The Humble Public Bench Becomes Comfortable, Inclusive, and Healthy-  This article describes the history of public furniture and how modern day public benches provide multiple benefits to users. 
Structural Design Example 6 Major Linear Trails-  This page provides a list of Dalla area trails that connect to multiple parks, schools, neighborhoods, etc.  Trails that connect to multiple parks and other outdoor facilities are a great way to get more people connected to nature.
Structural Design Example 7 Parks as Green Infrastructure, Green Infrastructure as Parks-  This report explains how cities can use green infrastructure and parks to help combat the many challenges they face including water pollution, stormwater management, and water conservation.