Community Green Space Guide

​Programs and Infrastructure that Get People Outside

Columbia Families in Nature, Columbia, MD Columbia Families in Nature, Columbia, MD- This program in Columbia, MD provides families with opportunities to connect with each other, and other families, through experiences in nature.
Family Nature Club on a hike Family Nature Clubs: A Path to Healthier Communities and a Happier Planet- This article discusses what family nature clubs are and how they help families and children connect to nature in a world dominated by technology.
Outdoor Afro logo Outdoor Afro- Outdoor Afro is a national organization that encourages and inspires African American communities to come together and connect with nature.
Vitamin n Nature Challenge logo The Vitamin N Challenge- This challenge is sponsored by the Children and Nature Network and encourages people to look around their communities for opportunities to connect people to nature.
The Parkolation Project, Boston, MA The Parkolation Project, Boston, MA- This project was started by Wilhelmina Peragine in Boston, Massachusetts and its main goal is to get special education students involved in the process of creating small public spaces.
Child with Magifying Glass

Cities Connecting Children to Nature
- This initiative is sponsored by the National League of Cities and partners with the Children and Nature Network. The goal of CCCN is to encourage cities and city leaders to provide children and families with opportunities to connect with nature.
Ex7_CityParkAlliance.png City Parks Alliance- The City Parks Alliance is a nationwide membership organization exclusively dedicated to urban parks.
Docs in the Park, Frederick MD logo

Docs in the Park- This initiative started in Frederick, Maryland as a way for the county to promote good health and wellbeing by encouraging residents to participate in outdoor activities and connect with nature.

Wegmans Passport to Family Wellness-

Wegmans Passport to Family Wellness- Wegmans created their “Passport to Family Wellness” to encourage families to get outside and explore the nature around them. Each passport contains a list of trails, with maps and fitness tips, and families receive a prize after hiking all of the trails in their passport.

Druid Hill Park Passport, Baltimore MD Druid Hill Park Passport, Baltimore, MD- Druid Hill Park is located in Baltimore, MD and their “Passport” contains a list of all of the places you can visit within the park. Each place will stamp your passport once you’ve completed a visit.
Summer Free For All Program, Portland OR Summer Free For All, Portland, OR- This Portland, Oregon program connects communities to nature by hosting movies and concerts in their parks.
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy logo.png Baltimore Greenway Trails Network Coalition- This network of trails in Baltimore, Maryland was created by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. The goal of this project is to connect three existing Baltimore trails that, when completed, will create a loop that connects the city’s neighborhoods to the downtown core.
Baltimore Orchard Project Logo Baltimore Orchard Project, Baltimore, MD- This project was started by residents in Baltimore, Maryland who wanted to bring a new source of food to their neighborhoods. They have partnered with many organizations to help bring fruit trees, orchards, and food forests into the neighborhoods of Baltimore.

How Cities Use Parks for Arts and Cultural Programs- This report describes the multitude of events and activities that parks are used for in different cities.
Yoga class in  The Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, WA Innovations in Art Parks- The Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, Washington encourages residents to get outside and into nature by offering free exercise classes, such as yoga and Zumba.
SEBA Gardens logo SEBA Gardens, Gaithersburg, MD- SEBA Gardens is a community garden at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It’s a great of example of corporate offices and buildings can incorporate green spaces into their work environments.
Ontario Parkbus logo Parkbus- Parkbus is a program in Canada that provides urban residents with transportation to travel and explore many of Canada’s beautiful outdoor destinations.
Park City Transit logo Park City Transit, Park City, UT- Residents and tourists in Park City, Utah have no problem getting around town on their free bus system. The buses run completely on biodiesel and destinations include many beautiful parks and nature resorts.
National Park Service logo Alternative Transportation in the Parks- The National Park Service has provided 63 parks nationwide with alternative modes of transportation for visitors in the parks. This system improves air quality by reducing the number of cars in the parks and prevents wildlife and auto collisions.