Community Green Space Guide

Health Benefits of Green Spaces

Below you will find research and case studies, along with community examples, that demonstrate the health benefits of green spaces in communities.


Research.jpgResearch and Case Studies

Ex2_David_Suzuki_Foundation_Logo.pngThe Impact of Green Space on Heat and Air Pollution in Urban Communities- This report was provided by the David Suzuki Foundation, an organization based in Canada with a mission to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life. The details of this report discuss the evidence found in a five year study that analyzes the role of urban green space in providing cooling effects and reducing air pollution for surrounding neighborhoods.

Why Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature- This article published by the Child Mind Institute identifies many reasons why children need to spend more time outdoors and in nature.

Photo of a healing gardenWhat Are Healing Gardens?- Healing Gardens in hospitals and medical centers are a great place for anybody at a hospital to get a relaxing experience during stressful times. This article explains why and how healing gardens are helping hospital patients, families, and staff.

Your Yard Contributes to Your Health and Well-being bannerHow Greenery Contributes to Your Health and Wellbeing- This infographic from illustrates how your yard, and other living landscapes, provide multiple health benefits for families and communities.

The Trust for Public Land logoThe Health Benefits of Parks- This report was published by The Trust for Public Land and discusses the many reasons why adequate access to parks and recreational open spaces are important for the health and wellbeing of Americans.

Dancing Akita by Stephanie GillPeople Who Spend More Time Outdoors are Happier and Healthier- This article highlights a study led by Viren Swami, a professor at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. The research conducted during the study found a link between time outside and people’s perception of their bodies. The more time people spent outside the more they felt like an important part of a much broader ecosystem. 


Community.jpgCommunity Examples

Photo of a "Healing Garden"Healing Gardens Benefit Hospital Patients, Families, and Staff- This article describes how the beautiful garden at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center has provided patients, families, and staff with a place to relax and unwind away from the hospital.