Community Green Space Guide

Economic Benefits of Green Spaces

Below you will find research and case studies, along with community examples, that demonstrate the economical benefits of green spaces in communities.

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Research and Case Studies

Project Evergreen LogoEconomic Fact Sheet- Project Evergreen, a non-profit organization committed to preserving and enhancing green spaces in our communities, created an Economic Fact Sheet that describes the financial benefits of green spaces.

How Cities Use Parks for Economic Development IconCity Parks and Economic Development- The American Planning Association published a briefing paper that summarizes how cities use parks for economic development.

Example5.png2010 Maryland State Parks Economic Impact and Visitor Study- This study was conducted by Rebecca Dougherty at the Maryland Office of Tourism Development. The data shown in this report provides a quantitative analysis of the impact that tourism in Maryland State Parks has on the state’s economy.


Community Examples iconCommunity Examples

San Francisco Park Alliance logoThe Economic Benefits of San Francisco’s Park and Recreation System- This detailed report includes an analysis on the full economic impact of San Francisco’s park and recreation system and is broken up into seven major factors: property value, tourism, direct use, health, community cohesion, clean water, and clean air.

San Francisco ParkSF’s Parks Provide Economic Benefits Approaching $1 Billion-  This article talks about San Francisco’s park and recreation has added almost $1 billion in value to the city.