Community Green Space Guide

Ecological Benefits of Green Spaces

Below you will find research and case studies, along with community examples, that demonstrate the ecological benefits of green spaces in communities.

Research and Case Studies IconResearch and Case Studies



Community Examples iconCommunity Examples

Audubon logoCreating Bird-Friendly Communities- The National Audubon Society created a website designed to educate and inform the community about creating safe, bird-friendly communities that encourage habitat growth and restoration for all types of birds. 

Signage for Backyard Habitat Certification ProgramBackyard Habitat Certification Program- The Audubon Society of Portland created a Backyard Habitat Certification Program for residents in and around Portland. This program educates participating residents on how to restore native wildlife habitats in their own backyards.

Bird Habitat Research Sign, photo courtesy of Nancy Ondra

Audubon At Home- Audubon Pennsylvania created a webpage with access to multiple tools and resources that encourage residents to make their neighborhoods and communities more bird-friendly.