Made for the Shade

WinterberryIf your property doesn’t get a lot of sun and you think you have no landscaping options whatsoever, then this list of trees and shrubs is perfect for you. The Maryland Forest Service has compiled a list of shade-tolerant species that grow across the state. Keep in mind how wet or dry your ground is will also determine what species works best, but these are general suggestions for something to plant in partial shade, i.e. 3-6 hours of sunlight per day. Look over the list and see what puts you in a planting mood!

Trees: Shrubs:
Chestnut Oak Buttonbush
American Holly Spicebush
Eastern Redbud Elderberry
Hackberry Witch Hazel
Serviceberry Mountain Laurel
Ironwood Winterberry
Mockernut Hickory Black Huckleberry
White Fringetree Maleberry
Southern Arrow-wood
Black Haw
Possum Haw