Savage River State Forest

Firewood Cutting​ and Usage

Firewood Cutting

Firewood cutting is permitted on Savage River State Forest with a permit. Permits are good for one cord of wood and can be purchased for $10 per cord at the Savage River State Forest Headquarters or in the kiosk outside the headquarters area. One cord is approximately two ¾ ton pickup loads, three ½ ton pickup loads or six ¼ ton pickup loads. Only standing dead trees or dead trees laying on the ground and recent logging debris may be cut.

At this time, families may get 10 cords per calendar year. Up to five cords of firewood may be purchased on one permit ($50). The time limit on one cord is two weeks, two cords is four weeks, three cords is six weeks, four cords is six weeks and five cords is six weeks.

Permits may be completed in the kiosk by completing the firewood self-registration envelope in full, tearing off the perforated portion (your receipt), placing cash or check (payable to DNR) and placing the envelope in the green pay pipe located outside of the kiosk. With the receipt, you are legal to begin your firewood cutting project. The pipes are emptied daily and a formal firewood cutting permit will be mailed to the name and address listed on the self-registration envelope. Please complete your name, address and phone number legibly on the envelope.

Firewood Use on Savage River State Forest​

Firewood for camping must be purchased from local vendors or from deadwood gathered on site. Please DO NOT bring personal firewood onto the State Forest. A wide variety of forest insect pests are accidentally transported and introduced to new areas by transporting personal firewood between distinct geographic locations. Please keep our forests safe!​​