Elk Neck State Forest

Fuelwood Program

All Tracts - Trails Area:

The Trails Area is defined as any down, damaged, or standing dead trees within 200 linear feet of main driving trails. These areas are easily accessible to persons issued a permit and encompass the six miles of main driving trails. This area excludes Trail 2 south of the Plum Creek and areas along Trail 2 near or along Irishtown Road.

 Fuelwood Program Trail Map ​

Permits would be issued on a daily basis and operations would begin at the entrance and progressively work east through the Forest. Initial permits would be issued to utilize the wood stored at the Diggs Farm. Once that has been depleted, permits will be issued along the 11 miles of driving trails.

This designation would be utilized for personal usage only to the public with no re-sale of the material permitted. No more than three permittees would be permitted per day. No operation will be permitted during the time frame of September 1 – through January 31 of each year. There is to be no weekend or after hour operations.

**Permittees will be restricted to no more than 5 loads per calendar year.


Standard Load:

A standard load is defined as one standard pick up load stacked wood not exceeding the cab height of the individual pick up. A standard load will not exceed one cord.

**Dump trucks and other heavy service type vehicles are prohibited.


Splitting of any material is prohibited on Elk Neck State Forest.


A daily permit is defined below.

Trails Area permit holders are restricted to no more than 5 standard loads per calendar year. Permittees may not exceed one standard load per day. A daily permit for each area would be $10.00.

Issuance of Permits:

    • Applicant would fill out this google form to apply for a permit.
    • Upon receiving application, the Forest will contact the applicant and schedule a date for payment and start date.
    • After payment and permit issuance, permittee will be taken to the defined area.
    • Upon obtaining the limit for the day, the operator will contact appropriate forest staff to inspect load and depart after inspection.
    • The forest would delineate and maintain maps outlining the progression of accessible areas.