Doncaster Demonstration Forest


The land for this forest was acquired by the State in the 1930’s and was the designated as a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp. At that time the areas that are currently pine were cultivated. A small two story wood frame house on the forest served as the headquarters for the CCC Camp and eventually housed local forest rangers. Doncaster State Forest is characterized by large areas of mixed hardwoods, bottomland hardwood, Virginia pine & loblolly pine. In general, the mixed hardwood and bottomland hardwoods are older, mature forests, while loblolly pine stands are more evenly distributed across all age classes.

Doncaster Demonstration Forest is managed using sustainable forestry techniques that respect the full range of environmental, social, and economic values of the forest, and seek to meet today's needs without losing any of those values. Sustainable forests maintain all components (trees, shrubs, flowers, birds, fish, wildlife, etc.) as well as ecological processes (nutrient recycling, water and air purification, ground water recharge, etc.) so they can remain healthy and vibrant into the future. The most recent Forest Stewardship Plan​ was written in 2008.