Cedarville State Forest

​​Forest Management Plan

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources owns the Cedarville State Forest in Brandywine, MD. The property is jointly managed by the Maryland Forest Service, which oversees the forest management on the property, and the Maryland Park Service, which oversees the recreation management on the property. The Maryland Fisheries Service also manages the 39.2 acre Manning Fish Hatchery in the southwest part of the property.

The forest is managed under a sustainable, multiple use concept covering all aspects of natural resources. The forest is managed primarily for timber products, forest health, public recreation, wildlife habitat, soil erosion control, water quality improvement and natural heritage. These goals correspond to the stewardship objectives of Forest Products (primary objective) and Natural Heritage and Recreation (secondary objective). The overall goal of this Forest Stewardship Plan is to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of the forest.

 Cedarville State Forest Stewardship Plan (2016)​

Cedarville State Forest Stewardship Map​