Maryland Seed Tree Law

​​Purpose: Provide for the maintenance and reproduction of the pine resources to provide significant recreational, aesthetic, wildlife and environmental benefits as well as wood fiber essential to commerce and industry.

Scope: The law applies to harvested areas that are at least five acres in size, are at least 25% loblolly, shortleaf or pond pine prior to harvest and will NOT be converted to a non-forest land use such as agricultural or residential.

Description: Eligible land must be regenerated to pine through the use of seed trees or through the of pine seedlings as per a pine reforestation plan. If seed trees are to be left there must be at least 8 cone-bearing loblolly, shortleaf or pond pine per acre. Seed trees should be healthy, wind firm and well distributed throughout the harvested area. Regeneration will be deemed successful if there are at least 400 loblolly, shortleaf or pond pine seedlings which are well distributed and are free to grow.

Annual Accomplishments: Approximately 40-50 harvest per year on 2,500-3,000 acres are subject to the Seed Tree Law.

Contact Person:
Your local DNR forester or Dan Rider
Maryland DNR Forest Service
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
(410) 260-8583