Roadside Tree Law

About Tree Replacements

Permits issued for tree removal require replanting a tree(s) as a condition of approval unless otherwise noted. Tree planting is the responsibility of the applicant and must be completed within one year of removal. (Spring planting is recommended.)

  • The type of replacement tree(s) will be recommended by the Forest Ranger based on the location of other adjacent tree(s), width of the planting strip, proximity to utilities, character of the neighborhood, and any other pertinent site factors known. Tree types are chosen from the approved recommended tree list and are readily available from your local nursery.
  • Applicant must properly care for the tree(s) after installation.
  • Once a tree is planted in the right-of-way it becomes the property of the local, county, or state government, as established previously.

Information about planting trees near overhead utilities: Roadside Trees and Utilities

The Maryland Recommended Tree List