​Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Peoples

Cultural Heritage - A number of areas on the State Forest system have been identified as significant sites for Cultural Heritage that require special consideration when developing forest management prescriptions. Old home sites, research areas and small cemeteries are common throughout the forest. Cultural Heritage Areas may also include historical, cultural or spiritually significant sites for indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Peoples – The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service is committed to recognize and respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples. As stated in the Sustainable Forest Management Plan for each state forest, this policy is achieved through consultation with The Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs and by the following practices:

  1. understand and respect traditional forest-related knowledge;
  2. identify and protect spiritually, historically, or culturally important sites;
  3. address the use of non-timber forest products of value to Indigenous Peoples on state forests; and
  4. respond to Indigenous Peoples inquiries and concerns received.