Pocomoke River Wildlands

Pocomoke River Wildlands Trail

and Wildlands Expansion of Mature Cypress Forest

Following the passage of House Bill 882 (HB882) in the 2022 Legislative Session and HB882 being signed into Law by Governor Larry Hogan, the Pocomoke River Wildlands has been expanded by approximately 80 acres, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service has begun the process of working with other DNR Units to design and install a new Pocomoke River Wildlands Trail.

The new trail will connect the Town of Snow Hill to the Pocomoke River State Park and the Pocomoke State Forest, and will allow the public to easily access the Wildlands area via natural surface trails and an elevated boardwalk trail in those areas that are frequently covered in water. The wildlands area is composed of mature cypress wetland forest, and the new trail will provide a unique opportunity for citizens of the state to access and enjoy the area via the new trail.

Due to the remote nature of most state designated Wildlands areas, it is challenging for citizens of the state to easily access the state wildlands system. The planned Pocomoke River Wildlands Trail will address this situation by creating an opportunity for visitors to experience the Pocomoke River Wildland in an accessible manner. In addition, the Trail will dramatically improve and enhance public understanding of the ecological significance of the Wildlands.

The planned trail will also establish a new trail connection between the Town of Snow Hill and the Pocomoke River State Park Shad Landing area. Currently, the only option for visitors is to drive to either location, and there is no accessible way to experience the Wildland. This increased connectivity will significantly expand trail opportunities for visitors to the Town of Snow Hill and the State Park, improving tourism opportunities in Worcester County and allowing visitors an opportunity, unique in the entire state, to see/visit/experience a Wildland, which is in keeping with one of the Statutory purposes of establishing the Wildlands system.

A map of the Planned Trail can be accessed here.

Photos from the Groundbreaking Ceremony with Governor Larry Hogan can be viewed below.​

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