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Education – learn how to identify and manage invasive species in your area

Responsible pet ownership

  • Don’t release to the wild
  • Wash pets after they come into contact with invasive plants

No aquatic hitchhikers on my boat!

  • Thoroughly clean all boat parts
  • Eliminate water from all equipment and live wells before leaving boat take-out
  • Make sure equipment is dry before transporting it to another body of water
  • Never release live bait onto shoreline or into water body. Put it in the trash or give to another angler.
  • Never release live fish from one water body to another.


  • Use bulb or strap anchors on decoys to prevent attachment of aquatic plants
  • Eliminate mud and water from equipment before hunting in another body of water

Scuba divers

  • Clean and check all equipment that could possibly hide plants or animals
  • Clean wetsuit with hot (>104F) or salty water (1/2 cup salt/gal of water)
  • Allow gear to dry before using in another water body

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