Wild Turkey in Maryland

Two wild turkeys in the fall. Photo by Lori R. Bramble

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources annually conducts a wild turkey observation survey. The primary purpose of this survey is to estimate wild turkey reproductive success so it is often simply called the “brood survey.”

Attention Junior Hunters
Commemorate your Turkey Harvest
with a Junior Hunter Certificate

Junior Turkey hunter with mentor and large male harvested turkey

Fluorescent Orange and Pink

Fluorescent orange and/or pink is not required for hunting turkeys. However, turkey hunters are encouraged to wear it as a precaution while turkey hunting. Successful turkey hunters are also encouraged to put an orange ribbon on the turkey when carrying it out of the woods.

The colors black, red, white, and blue should be avoided on turkey hunting clothing. These colors are predominant in the male turkey's plumage and can cause a hunter to be mistaken for game.

Turkey Hunter's Code of Conduct

The department encourages all turkey hunters to follow the National Wild Turkey Federation's Turkey Hunter's Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct states that a responsible turkey hunter should:

  • Not let peer pressure or the excitement of the hunt cloud his/her judgment.
  • Learn and practice safe hunting techniques.
  • Hunt the wild turkey fairly.
  • Know the capabilities and limitations of his/her hunting devices and use them safely.
  • Obey and support all wildlife laws and report all violations.
  • Respect the land and landowner and always obtain permission before hunting.
  • Avoid knowingly interfering with another hunter and respect the right of others to lawfully share the outdoors.
  • Value the hunting experience and appreciate the beauty of the wild turkey.
  • Positively identify his/her target as a legal bird and insist on a good shot.
  • Share responsible turkey hunting with others and work for turkey conservation.

Habitat Issues

Webinar Presentation: Wild Turkey Management and Biology in Maryland- by Bob Long, DNR (original broadcast 3/7/2013)

Wild Turkey Management and Biology in Maryland

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