Universal Disability Pass: Questions and Answers

How do I apply?

What does the pass allow?

The Universal Disability Pass is a free lifetime pass that does not require renewal. The Universal Disability Pass permits the holder and one other person free entrance to day-use facilities at Maryland State Parks and Forests, where there are service fees associated with entrance. This Pass does not cover automated gate entrance systems or service charges in the park such as camping, boat launch, rentals, bus parking, other concessions or special charges. Identification may be requested when the Pass is presented.

In addition to entrance into a Maryland State Park or Forest, the pass also allows those individuals who possess a valid hunting license to hunt from a vehicle in accordance with the following regulations:

  • A person who possesses a valid hunting license and who has a disability that impairs mobility may receive a permit from the Department to hunt from a vehicle. However, the person may not shoot or have a loaded weapon in the vehicle while the vehicle is on a public roadway or the shoulder of a public roadway.
  • Each person shall:
    1. Have the UDP in their possession while hunting;
    2. Keep the vehicle at a complete stop with the motor turned off while shooting, aiming, or firing the weapon; and
    3. Have all weapons unloaded, including no ammunition in the magazine, while the vehicle is in motion.
  • A UDP holder may have a companion in the vehicle while hunting. If the companion is also a licensed hunter, they may not hunt from the vehicle.

In addition to any other sanction provided by law, the Department may suspend or revoke the pass if the UDP holder violates any provision of this regulation.

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