Maryland Conservation Corps FAQs

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What are the requirements to join the Maryland Conservation Corps?

Beyond the requirement that Americorps members must be 17-25 years of age and have or acquire their high school diploma/GED, we look for members to have a dedication and commitment to service. Our service is done in our State Parks and public lands, in the classroom, with local non-profit organizations, in the watershed and tributaries of the Bay, and in our communities. Daily schedules and projects vary from one crew to another, but what every member needs is the passion to serve our community as an upstanding member of Americorps and the MD Department of Natural Resources.

Is housing provided?

Most of the crews offer low cost state housing as outlined in the crew listing. The average cost is $150 per month including utilities. These facilities are state owned houses that can accommodate 3 to 5 members. Some housing requires that members perform a set amount of hours per month on minor house repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. These houses are available on a first come first serve basis with preference given to out of area members. The state housing does not provide for all members of a crew; therefore, members without this option are responsible for locating their own housing. Often, crew supervisors will put members in contact with one another before the program begins so they can explore the possibility of becoming roommates. Also, housing options may be available in locations currently rented by this year’s members.

How is the schedule constructed?

Generally, we operate Monday through Friday 7:00/8:00 to 3:00/4:00; however, there are exceptions. There are times when we serve on the weekends such as traveling to training events or projects, working with the state parks, operating visitor centers, and assisting with community volunteer days. Our program begins in September and ends early August. Members must complete at least 1700 participant hours before completion of the program.​

What is the pay?

You will receive a bi-weekly living allowance of approximately $630.40 minus taxes. You should be able to calculate a more specific number using MD’s Central Payroll Bureau’s website:​

How does the health insurance work?

Plans may vary year to year, but generally the insurance requires a $175 deductible before it offers an 80% reimbursement on doctor appointments and prescriptions. Your coverage will begin at the program start date and last until the end of your service. Cards are generally received a few weeks after the program start date.​

Can I defer my loans?

Yes, most lenders will allow you to defer your student loans during your Americorps service. It is advised that you check with your lender prior to joining the program to become familiar with their policies on loan deferment. You will be given instructions on how to defer loans during orientation.​

What gear do I need to bring?​

Besides personal belongings, it is recommended that you bring lunch and water containers, a small calendar to record your schedule, work boots, a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, rain gear, work pants, gloves, and warm/wicking base layers and socks. The region of MD your crew is based in will determine the extent to which you need to prepare. MCC provides your uniform work shirts/sweatshirts, a $100 boot reimbursement (you will need a receipt that is less than 60 days old) and all of your personal protective gear including: safety glasses, ear protection, hard hat and chain saw chaps, etc.​​