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Permanence and Viability Series
Maryland Environmental Trust’s current Land Trust Roundtable series will focus on addressing big issues around permanence and viability of easements including discussions on renewable energy development on protected and working lands; restoration and green infrastructure on private lands; climate change and resiliency and more.

Join Maryland Environmental Trust for the next Land Trust Roundtable on Tues., January 30, 2018. The Roundtable will focus discussion on a variety of programs that work to enhance Maryland’s ecosystem services on private lands including: tree plantings, stream restoration, mitigating and banking activities. This meeting is an opportunity to introduce programs and tools from key stakeholders and to familiarize Maryland’s conservation and planning community on how they can become more engaged in these programs.

RSVP by 1:00pm on Mon., January 22. Seating is limited. Land Trust Roundtables are free, however, registration is required.

For more information or to register for this Roundtable visit the registration page or contact Michelle Grafton at (410) 697-9530.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS - The last meeting in this Land Trust Roundtable series will take place on Tues., March 27, 2018.

Past Land Trust Roundtable Series
Maryland Environmental Trust’s previous Land Trust Roundtable series focused on shared vision to tackle stewardship challenges around technology, volunteers, recordkeeping and monitoring. Through these series of meetings and conversations Maryland Environmental Trust developed a toolset to address these challenges.

Chesapeake Conservancy Field Data Collection Application
If you would like more information or are interested in participating in piloting the new monitoring protocol developed by the Conservation Innovation Center in partnership with Maryland Environmental Trust, please contact Colin Stief ( Below are refresher links on the field data collection application (note: click on "TRY" once at these links):

LOCATE: A Salesforce Application for Tracking

If you would like more information on LOCATE for Maryland, please contact Paul Keogan ( Below is the powerpoint presentation from the June Land Trust Roundtable with BackOffice Thinking.

To learn more about this Land Trust Roundtable series or if you are a partner land trust who would like more information about participating in an upcoming pilot, please contact Michelle Grafton, Land Trust Coordinator at


2017 Land Conservation Conference


On behalf of the Maryland Environmental Trust, thank you for participating in the Annual Maryland Land Conservation Conference on June 8 at the Pearlstone Center in Reisterstown, MD. We greatly appreciate your role in making this annual event a huge success!​

2017 Land Conservation Conference materials are available on the

Past Land Conservation Conference Materials