Grants and Loans Center

Unique Scientific and Technical Research and Data

Many of Department of Natural Resources programs offer the public a unique variety of scientific expertise, research and data products include Geographic Information System (GIS) products that are available no where else.

Most of this data and technical assistance has a significant financial value but is provided at no cost or very low cost to the public.

Maryland's Resource Access and Permitting Process for Rural Broadband Projects

This guide offers practical step-by-step advice to internet service project developers that may require state agency environmental permits or access to state owned land and communication infrastructure.

Clean Marina Program

Offers marina and boatyard operators and recreational boaters the opportunity to participate in efforts to protect Maryland's natural resources.

Recognizes and promotes marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs of any size that meet legal requirements and voluntarily adopt pollution prevention practices.

Educational materials for boaters and the Maryland Clean Marina Guidebook and other materials-such as clean boating tip cards and oil absorbent pads–are distributed to boaters through marinas and at public events.

Coastal and Estuarine Geology

Conducts studies and provides technical assistance concerning sediment sources, movement and deposition in the Chesapeake Bay, The Coastal Bays and the Atlantic Shelf of Maryland.

Determines the geologic framework of the State's coastal environments by mapping and evaluating the natural resources and by providing earth science information for wise resource management of these coastal systems.

Examples of maps and data available:

  • Shoreline Change Map Data for Tidewater Maryland
  • High-Resolution Shoreline Map Data for Tidewater Maryland
  • Historical Shorelines and Erosion Maps of Tidewater Maryland
  • Hurricane Isabel's Impact on Chesapeake Bay.

Environmental Geology and Mineral Resources​

Conducts investigations and surveys of the geology of Maryland to assess economic and land resources, and environmental hazards. Disseminates earth science information by publishing topographic maps, geologic maps, and reports. Responds to inquiries from all sectors.

Provides geologic information using state of the art technology to; promote public awareness and education, provide objective scientific information to policy makers, share findings with the scientific community, provide environmental geology & mineral resources online publications

General Public Map Sales, and Information

Provide sales and informational assistance and guidance to all inquirers of Maryland geographical and geologic data.

Licensed Tree Experts

Adopted in 1945, the Maryland Tree Expert Law addresses tree care work done for compensation on private or public property in Maryland.

Provides consumer protection and quality tree care by licensing qualified and insured tree care practitioners.

The Forest Service conducts a preparatory course for Licensed Tree Expert examinees.

State Fire Assistance

Provides leadership and technical assistance on wildfire prevention and assistance to the fire-fighting community with the suppression of wildfires statewide.

The Forest Service maintains a fleet of wildfire suppression equipment including 42 Type 6 & 7 wildfire engines, 19 tractor plow (fire dozer) units with transports, 2 tankers, and 1 bombardier.

The Department of Natural Resources Forest Service is the only state agency that maintains this type of specialized heavy equipment for wildfire suppression.

Power Plant Research Program

Insures that Maryland has an adequate supply of electricity at reasonable costs and minimal environmental impact, through research and analysis of economic, ecological and technological issues funded by a surcharge on electricity generation.

Wildlife and Endangered Species Permits

The program tracks the status of over 1,100 native plants and animals that are among the rarest in Maryland and most in need of conservation efforts as elements of our State's natural diversity.

Provides guidance, regulates and issues permits for various wildlife or endangered species activities in conformance with state law and regulations.