Pumpout Locations: Annapolis Area

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collapse Area : Magothy River ‎(7)
Atlantic Marina on the MagothyMagothy River/Grays Creek410.360.25009-5 Daily6'Nona
Fairwinds MarinaMagothy Marina410.974.07588-5 daily6'Nona
Ferry Point MarinaMagothy River/Mill Creek410.544.63687am-8pm daily14'Yesna
Hamilton Harbour MarinaMagothy River410.647.0733Thurs-Tues 9-512'Nona
Magothy MarinaMagothy River410.647.2356Mon-thur 8-6, Fri-sun 8-816’Nona
Podickory Point Yacht ClubChesapeake Bay410.757.80009-5 daily5'Nona
Sandy Point State ParkChesapeake Bay410.974.214924-76'Nona
collapse Area : Severn River ‎(16)
Annapolis City MarinaSevern River Spa Creek410.268.06608-8 daily14'Upon Requestna
Annapolis Maryland Capital Yacht ClubSevern River Back Creek410.269.52199-5 daily8'Nona
Bert Jabin's Yacht YardSevern River Back Creek410.268.96678-4:30 daily8'Nona
Chesapeake Harbour MarinaChesapeake Bay410.268.19699-5 daily 8'Nona
City of Annapolis Pumpout BoatSevern River Spa Creek410.320.6852Mon- Sat 8-4:30na
Eastport Yacht CenterSevern River Back Creek410.280.99888-4 daily 8'Nona
Horn Point Harbour MarinaSevern River Back Creek410.263.05509-5 daily8'Nona
JPort MarinaSevern River Back Creek410.280.86929-5 daily9'Nona
Little John MarinaSevern River Brewer Creek410.841.64919-5 daily15'Nona
Mears MarinaSevern River Back Creek410.268.828224-710'Nona
Oyster Harbor Citizens AssociationOyster Harbor Creek410.280.899924-76'Nona
Pines on the SevernSevern River/Chase Creek410.370.294824-710'Nona
Port Annapolis MarinaSevern River Back Creek410.269.19908-4:30 daily10'Yesna
Smith's MarinaSevern River Little Round Bay410.923.34448 - 8 daily7'NoYes
The President PointSevern River Spa Creek410.991.93817-7 daily5'Nona
Yacht Haven of AnnapolisSevern River Spa Creek410.267.7654Mon-Fri 7:30-4:3011'Nona
collapse Area : South River ‎(12)
Arundel on the BaySouth River/Fishing Creek443.253.0596dawn to dusk4-6’Yesna
Gingerville Yachting CenterSouth River410.573.1047Mon-Fri 9-5, Sun 9-16'NoYes
Holiday Point MarinaSouth River Selby Bay410.956.2208Mon-Fri 7:30-4; Sat by appointment 6'Yesna
Liberty MarinaSouth River410.266.56338-4:30 daily15'YesYes
Londontowne MarinaSouth River Glebe Bay410.956.50779-5 daily5'Nona
Mayo Ridge MarinaSouth River Ramsey Lake410.798.19529-7 daily5'Yesna
Norris MarinaSouth River Ramsey Lake410.798.02758-4 daily8'NoYes
Oak Grove Marine CenterSouth River410.266.6696Mon-Fri 10-6; Sat-Sun 8-79'Nona
Pier 7 MarinaSouth River410.956.22889-5 daily12'NoYes
Pocahontas MarinaSouth River/ Pocahontas Creek 410.533.875224-710'Yesna
Selby Bay MarinaSouth River Selby Bay410.798.02329-5 daily8'Yesna
Turkey Point MarinaSouth River Ramsey Lake410.798.1369Tues-Sat 9-54'NoNo
collapse Area : Whitehall Bay ‎(1)
Hinckley Yacht ServicesWhitehall Creek410 -951-43808 - 4:30 daily9'Yesna