Maryland Wood Duck Initiative

Maryland Wood Duck Initiative Logo The Maryland Wood Duck Initiative is an all-volunteer wildlife conservation effort started in late 2004. Our objectives are to enhance Maryland’s wood duck population and to generate a greater appreciation of the wetland habitats in which they live by advocating and demonstrating the merits of a “best practices” approach in managed nest programs.

Leveraging these focused efforts on the wood duck, we seek to provide a Total Wetlands Experience for our volunteers and the “next generation” through the development of complementary educational programs, internships and research projects.

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Click here to View the February 2017 Activity Report.

Click here to View the 2016 Public Lands Wood Duck Production Report.

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MWDI’s Annual Lumber Cut Day Successfully Completed!
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May 2017 Director’s Message

2016 Annual Production Report Completed. Additional 2017 gain expected.

Last year, 7,832 ducklings were estimated to have been hatched from MWDI’s 112 sites from 1,736 boxes – a 2% gain over 2015 levels. After rebounding from the decrease in 2012, production has been basically stable the past 4 years despite a modest decline in functional nest boxes.

Production in excess of 8,100 ducklings is expected this season because of adding 8 new sites and the expansion of certain projects (bringing box totals to approximately 1,800) as well as improved project supervision in certain other projects. Early season habitat variables have also been good.

Since the 2004 reference hatch year, MWDI has increased nest boxes on public lands by 57% (+665) while also replacing another 899 boxes. Production has increased by 292% annually providing an incremental hatch since then of over 52,000 ducklings.

Please refer to the 2016 Public Lands Wood Duck Production Report for more details on each site along with historic data and selected analyses.

MWDI has supplies for new public projects if you wish to initiate one. We will review site habitat, assist box location and train volunteers but you must have a project manager idetified to monitor the project after installation.

As always, thank you to our dedicated volunteers for helping to make a difference.


Cliff Brown
Executive Director
Maryland Wood Duck Initiative